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Create the MONEY MINDSET that attracts wealth and breaks through common money mistakes.

Have you built a business or just a ‘job’?

What is your 10 year exit strategy?


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What would your life look like if your income doubled? Imagine having double the money you do right now. How would that transform your life and the lives of those you love?


What you absolutely need to know: It’s not about working harder…it’s just about removing the blocks you have about abundance.


Myth 1:  More is better…

Our culture encourages this, and it’s led to more self-doubt and lack of self worth than ever before.

Myth 2:  There is never enough….

Never enough sleep (first thought you often think in the morning); there is never enough hours in the day; there is never enough new patients…and the list goes on and on.

Myth 3:  There is nothing I can do about it….

This is so dis-empowering and has us claim “That’s just the way it is!”

Myth 4:  Money doesn’t grow on trees….

Who taught us this? Abundance is all around us, in resources and unexpected places. Yet those old patterns and beliefs that are passed down to us from our parents creep in and have us feel we can’t change our ‘situation’ or circumstances.

Shift your Money Mindset and your entire experience with money begins to change.

I've created four steps to the money mindset

Step 1

Attract More Profitability and Wealth

Step 2

12 Principles you must learn to succeed.

Step 3

Chiropractors Building Massive Wealth

Step 4

Power is the ability to turn intentions into reality!


Get my FREE, 4 Step Process to Change Your Money Mindset... in your inbox, NOW!

"Start envisioning what you want more of in your life! It's time to create more attraction in your life and achieve your wildest DREAMS. "

Dr. Janice Hughes


Dr. Janice Hughes is a coach, author, and educator. Janice has utilized the skills of attractability and Money Mindset to effectively create amazing opportunities in her own life. Startup experience and entrepreneurial fundraising has brought life lessons of applying the concepts of attraction and money at every step of her Journey. Along the way Janice was able to increase the value of one company in the biotech industry from 20 Million to a valuation of over 150 Billion. Janice has the ability to share short-cuts and common sense in applying the concepts of attraction and money into our lives.

Time with Janice is an Investment.

It changes the way you attract wealth and makes YOU a money magnet!

How would your life change if you reclaimed your Money Power?

How would your business change if you mastered your Money Mindset?


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